Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog! I let my nails have at least a day without polish in between paintings. I’ve only recently started using a base coat and I’ve only tried OPI base coats. I haven’t got a favorite remover but I tend to generic brands that have some sort of moisturiser like aloe vera. Doing house work with gloves, using a good quality hand moisturiser and keeping my nails short helps a lot :)

Yes!! Both my hands are naturally shaky. I do these hand exercise like crunching my fingers/hands (if that makes sense) to strengthen them and make them stable. I like to say I’m training myself to be ambidextrous! It takes me a lot longer to paint my right hand (i’m right handed) and I tend to do more simpler designs on that hand :)

Hi there! Thanks so much! I use regular nail polish - I love American Apparel  for their colour range and it’s on the cheaper side of things. I also use an Australian brand called Kester Black - also great colours. My favourite polish would have to be Jin Soon’s Muse. Marc Jacobs is great for metallics and Kure Bazaar makes some nice colours. I get glitter from Esty :)

Modern Polaxis - Augmented Reality Comic Book and App

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